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Facebook Spy application is the best way to find out for sure what a target person does on this social network. Start to track all Facebook activities with the simple app.

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    Tracking Facebook App

    Why Is Monitoring Facebook Social Activities Useful?

    Facebook is a communication platform allowing to meet new people, share your life and find necessary information. While most of people take Facebook as a simple way to communicate and find new friends, others use the social network for essential data hunting (for examples, thieves or your business competitors). Facebook provides users complete confidence of data and personal privacy. You can hide personal data in your account, restrict access to comments and personal content which makes spying in real life impossible.Facebook poses certain threats for your family, kids and business.

    Facebook for your family

    The software of the social network consists of two parts: the application with news feed and a Facebook messenger which allows to chat with people while being “officially offline”. Messenger does not show you comments, likes or new posts. You can easily contact a necessary person with a single click. Android allows to add a desktop shortcut of a certain chat for instant access. While a person is officially offline you can not track whether he or she chats with somebody or not. As Facebook messenger features flexible settings you will not even notice if a person gets a notification about a new message. Facebook spy from SpyStealth allows to track all the messages sent and received via application, browser version and Facebook messenger. Moreover you will get reports on the text typed in but not sent.

    Facebook for your kid

    Kids are naïve and active. They desire to share every moment of their lives and thus attract cyber bullers and turn to their victims. Facebook has a weird policy of data performance. You will simply find porn groups posting explicit sexual scenes as well as groups posting explicit scenes of war, cruelty and violence. To join any of this group, your kid only needs to click a join button to get unlimited access to all the materials in the news feed of the community. Facebook tracker is a valid means of parental control allowing you to instantly restrict access to such communities, track conversations of your kid, monitor in real time which content your kid uploads and downloads from the network. Moreover SpyStealth real time monitoring application for Facebook spy allows you to just limit time of your kid on Facebook.

    Facebook is one of the top absorbing social network. It is a time killer lowering efficiency and productivity. Being absorbed by commenting and news feed updating your kid does not have time to study well. Moreover, using Facebook during lessons distracts attention and hurts comprehension of new information. On staring SpyStealth service usage you will boost the performance and efficiency of your kids at school.

    Why to monitor Facebook for your business?

    According to Statista, up to 80% of world’s brands are on Facebook. This social network has turned into a business platform which is used not only for promoting services and goods, but for hunting data on competitors. By using SpyStealth real time monitoring service you can prevent your employees leaking business sensitive data to this social network. Though your employees can make this subconsciously, still they provide essential information to your business rivals.

    How to use Facebook Spy from SpyStealth?

    You need to install the application on target phone/phones and create an account. Start the application on a target phone. It will run in background and will start automatically if the phone is rebooted.

    Log into your account and you will see a comprehensive report on every action your target person takes on Facebook as time on site, comments, likes, shares, chats and messages.

    You will also find all means of control in the account. SpyStealth spy app allows to set alerts to be notified each time a person takes an unwanted or suspicious action.