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    KIK Messages Tracker

    Enjoy instant reading of private messages!

    KIK is not a simple messenger – this is an entertaining application where you will find communities, public pages of celebrities, games, interesting people to meet and mate, start group chats and use bots! The KIK community is of ultimate popularity among kids and teenagers with over 100 000 000 downloads and installations worldwide.

    KIK is an amazing entertaining community which absorbs a user totally. Apart from all entertainments KIK offers simple messaging option. The software does not get access to the contacts in your phone. You do not need to specify your phone number or provide any of your personal data. You only choose a name and start using the software.

    Why to spy on KIK messages of your kid?

    SpyStealth offers you a chance to instantly track in real time all the actions of your kid on the application. The software will not only copy all the messages sent and received by your kid in the application, but will also render all the text your kid tries to type in and then deletes (for any reason).

    The SpyStealth online tracker for KIK messages will assist you in finding out the interests of your kid, the reasons of low efficiency at school, or of being depressed. Moreover instantly getting the copies of the messages you will get a chance to prevent any unwanted behaviour: trying sex or drugs.

    KIK messenger takes much of time as a kid gets addicted to updating the news feed and finding out the news. With SpyStealth you will be able to limit the time your kid spends on the messenger. SpyStealth online tracker can be used as a tool of parental control.

    KIK features the label 12+, however none of the existing open source applications has thorough filters for content. Thus your kid may be potentially exposed to adult content and to see sexually explicit posts and notes.

    SpyStealth will help to prevent your kid from interaction with such content.

    How to use SpyStealth KIK messages spy?

    Using online monitoring tool from SpyStealth is easy. You just need to install an application to a target phone and to create a SpyStealth account.

    Setting the phone

    SpyStealth software will operate correctly on any Android or iOS device which supports KIK. You only need to install the application once and it will run in background. The online tracking software does not affect the performance of the target smartphone.
    If the smartphone is restarted, then the online tracker will also restart automatically. You do not need to undertake any additional actions.

    The same is with OS updates, after the update is installed, all the previously installed applications will run as before.

    Mind, that if a user initiates hard reset of the target device, then all installed applications which are not provided with the phone from the box will be deleted. In this case you will need to reinstall the SpyStealth KIK messages tracker.

    Starting online tracking with SpyStealth

    After a target phone is set, you need to log into your account. Go to the reports section where you will see all the logs of actions of a target user on KIK application.

    The SpyStealth account informs you instantly on the actions taken by a target user by doing so it provides you a chance to react and respond to the unwanted action immediately. For example, you learn that your kid is going to a party from a message on KIK. If you do not want your kid to visit such events, you can re-plan his or her evening to avoid visiting this party.

    SpyStealth is the cheapest and the most effective way of online tracking for only 7,5$ per month!