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How to effectively spy on Skype and get copies of voice, video and text chats instantly? How to intercept and listen voice and video calls in Skype in real time? Try our app to prevent ALL unwanted actions with Skype!

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    Skype Spy With SpyStealth Online Monitoring

    Skype has become a predominant messenger for home and business usage. Apart from simple interface ensuring fast and easy access to any contact on the list, Skype offers voice calls which are free among registered members, as well as video calls. Initially Skype was a desktop application, but now it has evolved into a cross platform solution. You can access Skype from desktop, mobile or tablet with a single account and all your chats and contacts will be available on every version. Skype allows to send and receive files of any format and size.

    Skype was initiated as a business communication solution, however now it is used for fast and cheap contacting with other people all over the world. Skype poses certain threats for kids, business and families.

    Why to spy Skype for kid’s safety

    Skype does not present any filters for keywords in content, it does not feature any parental control tools. Apart from distracting your kid’s attention, Skype performs the highest risk of cyber bullying due to immediate video contact. A person can be searched on Skype in the simplest way. Skype offers sorting by country, age and sex. Kids are naïve. Teenagers feel a strong desire to become or at least to feel adult. They are easily seduced to sexual explicitness in private chats. SpyStealth spy app for Skype ensures strict parental control for any type off activity. You will not only be able to see what your kid types in and sends to contacts, but to get copies of media files sent and received as well as to get copies of online voice and video chats. SpyStealth offers to set notifications on certain user actions or contacts to get instant alerts.

    The risks of Skype for families

    You may feel that your spouse cheats on you, noticing isolation, strong desire to stay alone. Your spouse may constantly be in his or her smartphone, updating news feeds or getting messages. You check the list of recent calls and messages and find nothing. In this case we recommend to spy Skype. This simple application allows voice and video calls and messaging leaving no evidences in the smartphone. SpyStealth Skype online monitoring application is the simplest and cheapest way to reveal the truth. All the actions of your spouse will be registered in your account and you will get real life proofs of cheating with voice and video calls recording.

    The risks of Skype for your business

    Skype is used as prime business communication messenger as it is easy to track contacts. However, you can not be sure that your employees do not use Skype as a key channel of leaking business information to your customers and competitors which results in amazing financial losses of business or even may collapse your business.

    If you are looking for a valid solution which will spy Skype effectively and for reasonable cost. SpyStealth offers you online monitoring tools for Skype, other messengers and social networks.

    Why to use SpyStealth spy app?

    SpyStealth online monitoring system provides complex control over accounts on social networks, popular applications and messengers with simple options of limiting and blocking options.

    The basic plan with key features will cost you as low as $7.5 per month. For this price you will get the fastest and the most responsive customer support which will assist you in all issues considering usage of the online monitoring software for Skype and social networks, financial matters and setting.

    SpyStealth is compatible with the latest versions of the software. Once you install the software it will track Skype even after the update of the messenger or OS.