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Popular Viber messenger can be simply tracked. SpyStealth spy app sends you copies of text and media messages instantly for only $14.2!

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    Viber Spy App

    How To Track Messenger Effectively

    Viber is immensely popular. The reasons of this popularity are clear. It is stability of the application, instantly coming notifications about new contacts even under a condition of low internet speed, unlike WhatsApp which poorly reads and delivers messages with low internet speed. Unlike other messengers Viber offers voice calls, video calls, file exchange, communities on various topics, games, stickers and everything that attracts kids and teenagers.Viber is not that innocent messenger as it can seem from the first glance. It poses certain threats for kids and teenagers and offers a private channel of communication for your employees and spouse. Find out how to track Viber online.

    Viber spy app – why it is a must?

    Viber provides a secure channel of communication ensuring secure text messages, photo and video sharing. Registering in Viber is easy, your phone number is used as your account ID and you just need to accept terms and conditions. In your private profile you can add selfie or a picture instead of avatar.

    Viber is a time killer for kids, they spend hours chatting with friends and mates, reading posts in communities and sharing their photos. However they do not understand all the risks of getting absorbed into Viber to such an extent.

    Viber offers paid content, gambling games requiring cash to go on through the levels as well as hits your kid with commercials. Viber as a messenger does not filter content and does not check whether a user is already 18 or 21 years old. Thus your kid may face explicit violence or erotic content which, though being marked as 18+, is still available to all users of viber.

    Viber spy app is a must to prevent:

    • cyberbullying – adding a cute picture to a profile a kid does not suspect that he or she can become a victim of sexual abuse.
    • wasting time – SpyStealth online tracker for Viber allows you to limit presence of your kid online. The spy app from SpyStealth can be used as effective means of parental control.
    • getting of your teenager into trouble – when teenagers are going to try forbidden substances as alcohol or drugs, they do not tell this in words, they type short (and in some cases even encoded) messages to each other.

    Wondering why your kid is depressed? Want to know what happened last weekends? How is you kid doing with friends or at school? SpyStealth online tracking system for Viber will reveal the truth!

    The software does not affect the performance of a target smartphone, but instantly sends you copies of dialogues as well as content shared in discussions. You can set alerts on certain keywords, limit access to certain communities inside Viber and block certain contacts.

    Why to monitor Viber for business?

    Do you wonder why all your brilliant marketing plans fail? Why your competitors are always a step forward? Then consider someone in your office leaking business sensitive data to your rivals. SpyStealth tracking application for Viber will reveal who of your employees use Viber during working hours, who of your employees waste time on personal matters, who leaks business plans to your rivals.

    SpyStealth online spy app for Viber is simple!

    Many of users avoid online monitoring thinking the process is too complicated. With SpyStealth spy app you will simply track what is going on smartphones of your employees from a single account!

    SpyStealth is cheap! You can monitor Viber dialogues and shared content for as low as $7.5 per month. When online monitoring is not needed, you can pause tracking and renew it in a click.

    All the messages, calls and content your employees share on Viber will be instantly logged in your account. SpyStealth allows you to instantly react to unwanted behaviour of your employees!