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WhatsApp, SMS, call logs, location tracking & much more features

WhatsApp tracker is a simple application notifying you in real time on any actions a target user takes on the application: chats, media files, voice and video calls.

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    WHATSAPP Tracker

    how to start real time WhatsApp monitoring just for $14.2

    WhatsApp emerged as a simple text messenger using phone number as user ID. You do not need additional registration, just install the messenger. It will check all your contacts and will show those which are already using WhatsApp and with whom you can start chatting immediately. For the years of usage this simple application has evolved into a full fledged communication platform supporting voice recording, voice and video calls, media files and document transfers vie the messengers.Thus WhatsApp has evolved into a perfect secure channel for data leakage. While for your kids WhatsApp messengers is just a fun, then for your colleagues and employees as well as for your spouse WhatsApp is a perfect channel of cheating, leaking and dating.

    WhatsApp Tracker – What It Is

    WhatsApp tracker is an application which is running in the background thus it does not slow down the performance of a target device. You get alerts and notifications into your account which is available from anywhere connected to the internet (either from your desktop or from smartphone).

    The account provides you the next options:

    • full list of contacts your target person chats with
    • full copies of conversations in real time
    • copies of media files sent and received
    • control over actions of a target person – you can limit access to certain threads or block the option of sending or receiving files

    SpyStealth online monitoring service is a perfect way to:

    • organize time of your kids – you can block access to WhatsApp from your account during school hours and during time when a kid must study instead of chatting with mates
    • secure business data in your office – WhatsApp Spy from SpyStealth can be a part of your NDA agreement in your company. In the agreement you can state the necessity of WhatsApp Spy and online tracking service due to the highest risks of data leakage.
    • get real life proofs of your spouse cheating – SpyStealth online monitoring service tracks not only WhatsApp activity but is also able to monitor target phone or phones location, as well as to limit certain options of the phone. Together with WhatsApp tracker you will get a chance to monitor Facebook, Viber, Instagram, Skype, listen to voice calls and track all the media created or downloaded on a target device. The service performs real time monitoring, this means that you will get alerts instantly each time a user takes unwanted or suspicious action on the application.

    How to install WhatsApp tracker?

    WhatsApp tracker comes in the set of tools of SpyStealth service. You install the software on a target smartphone and create an account. The software will run in background and will not compromise the performance of a target phone. If a user reboots the phone, the application will start again. You do not need to take additional actions. But mind that hard reset will erase all data and delete all third party applications which are not provided initially with the device.

    After the application is installed you will see all the actions of a target user logged in your account. There are flexible settings you can use to set necessary alerts. In case with WhatsApp Tracker you can choose certain contacts a target person will send messages to. In any case of sending a message you will get a notification and a copy of a message.

    WhatsApp online tracking service allows you to keep up with threads running on smartphone and performed on desktop. Basic online tracking options for WhatsApp and other applications will cost you as low as $7.5 per month with fast and responsive technical support and pausing option in case online tracking service is not needed at the moment.